Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi & Global Finance News – October 11th 2020

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We also go over how main banks have actually forever altered asset markets.
Main banks are doing whatever they can to avoid another financial collapse. #Bitcoin #Ethereum #DeFi

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Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi & & Global Finance News – October 11th 2020
Every week we cover all the most recent Bitcoin, Ethereum, cryptocurrency, financing & & economics news from across the worldwide. Well help you understand the world of investing & & trading Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, stock markets, gold, silver, commodities, bonds, home, currencies & & more. We also discuss how central banks have permanently changed property markets.
The world of financing & & economics has actually failed so many individuals. It now faces major competitors from totally free market options, Bitcoin, Ethereum & & leading cryptocurrency protocols. The best jobs are trying to build a fairer financial system & & more inclusive digital world. Well keep you approximately date with all the most recent Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi, NFTs & & cryptocurrency trends. With record financial obligation & & increasing inequality, the world is headed for another international financial crisis. Central banks are doing everything they can to avoid another economic collapse. We think main banks & & governments will release massive fiscal costs, MMT, QE & & negative rates of interest in an effort to increase possession prices & & pump up away debt. We believe Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, Ethereum & & cryptocurrency offer an excellent alternative to the existing system that lets you control of your wealth & & firmly custody your information. #Bitcoin #Ethereum #DeFi

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0:00 Weekly recap & & house cleaning.
3:45 Historical week for crypto.
4:50 Australian Finance & & Global News.
2:25 Australian Government budget plan.
5:45 Ex-RBA manager alerts low rates have not done any good.
6:40 Housing bears face termination as projections turn bullish.
7:30 Reserve Bank in a parallel universe.
8:20 Half a billion trips reveal Chinas economy rebooting.
13:35 ECB urges more financial stimulus for faltering pandemic healing.
16:05 The most dovish Fed in history is on a mission to stimulate inflation.
17:15 World food rate index increase 5% YoY in September.
17:50 About 60M U.S. families anticipate income losses this month.
22:25 JPMorgan promises to move portfolio far from nonrenewable fuel sources.
26:45 Cheapest small-cap stocks in 20 years reveals rally can keep going.
30:55 Crypto News.
32:00 U.S. Justice Department releases cryptocurrency enforcement structure.
37:55 South Koreas digital won to start circulation phase next year.
39:20 Ledger wallet business passes official security audit.
41:10 People are now selling Reddits Fortnite crypto for money.
45:15 Secret Network: Front Running Prevention for AMMs.
47:20 a16z releases crypto documentary.
50:00 The Graphs daily questions.
53:00 Ethereum 2.0 progress.
55:50 Jack Dorseys Square buys bitcoin (BTC).
57:05 Bitcoin & & Ethereum rate action.

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