Buffett is Seeking for More IPO Investments? The AI-Driven Fintech RoFX May Be The One

Volatility in the Forex market brings ample opportunities to speculate and earn profits. However, the risks associated with Forex trading makes it hard to earn consistent profits. Amid the pandemic of Covid-19, clients of RoFX- the robo-advisor for forex trading, received significant benefits from the volatility of the market.

Due to the credible algorithms and trust of clients, the services of RoFX are listed among the top Forex managed accounts. Additionally, the pre-IPO of RoFX is also explicitly arranged to target the company’s current clients to earn a stature in the market like none. The company is exerting efforts to equip traders with the best possible trading options, so the robo-advisory investing software will be all set for IPO in the first quarter of 2021. The expert, common with the negotiation process, exposed that RoFx is about to go public as the company became Warren Buffet’s acquisition target. Berkshire is in the discussion for purchasing the RoFx majority stake.

The Ideation Behind RoFX

A group of developers and Forex traders came together to develop an AI-driven robot to provide top-notch financial advice. Their efforts turned out to be successful in 2009. At first, the developers used their private funds to realize their dream. But over the years, the software earned massive profits, and they considered making it available for public use in 2010. They soon achieved the milestone of getting more than 50,000 active clients worldwide, as per the company’s information. Today, RoFX operates in Miami, USA, and Hong Kong, having headquarters in London, UK. 

In 2016, the combined research from three universities outlined that “Computerized algorithms trading is becoming the dominant technology in the field on trading for financial markets in the machine age.” Their words came into realization in the following years, and automated trading operations replaced manual order execution and data analysis. It was possible because of AI technology development. It led RoFX to set benchmarks in the market as well. As RoFX operates as a software provider, it isn’t regulated directly by financial authorities. However, its association with top-notch American, Asian, and European brokerage firms is proof of its legitimateness. 

The Competitve Edge of RoFX 

The returns that traders get from RoFX are inimitable. You will get a higher share in daily profits and losses; the latter is backed by substantial risk coverage. Apart from this, 24/7 support and the reliable algorithms of the robo-advisory system bring significant outcomes from the investment. 

Convenient Trading Option

RoFX manages clients without any discrimination. It offers an effective mechanism and user-friendly interface to provide the best user experience. The algorithms make the trade easier for both cryptocurrency and Forex fanatics. The multi-currency funding enables everyone to trade and take out the profits with daily, weekly, monthly, and total withdrawal features. 

Resilient Risk Management

RoFX doesn’t leave clients in the middle of anything. The reserve funds are always there to compensate for any negative trading results. The stop-loss reduces risk, and the high-end algorithms provide the best financial advice to traders. AI robot, loss coverage guarantee, and the reserve fund, help RoFX revolutionize risk management in the field of Forex trading. 

RoFX is for Amateurs As Well As Experts

Traders of forex market need sufficient knowledge and expertise to earn significant profits. However, this isn’t the case while trading through RoFX. Amateurs and experts can make huge profits without spending hours in front of the computer screen. Artificial intelligence in the field of forex trading is a boon for amateurs. There isn’t any need to have prior experience and analyzing abilities to be successful. Traders don’t need to try various investing strategies as the AI algorithms will devise the best way to do so. This is one of the most compelling reasons to choose a machine learning algorithm because it will automatically synchronize the trading signals with the best suitable strategy. 

Customer-centric Approach

Robust risk management, ultimate client support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week make it the best choice. RoFX also ensures that the information collected from the clients will be secure. However, the main reason for expanding customer reach with each passing day is the performance fee. The fees vary with the type of account you are signing up for. But to give you a rough idea about the performance fee, it fluctuates between 5% to 50%. 

Performance  Facts and Figures

RoFX has devised strategies to take the traders on the path of success. Feedback from clients, verified statistics from a reliable source, and the platform’s website provide evidence that RoFX is the best choice indeed. 

  • Around 81% of the trades on RoFX convert into whopping profits.
  • The long and short approach of the AI adjusts significant forex pairs to provide the traders with beneficial information. The statistics on the platform’s website clearly depicts how sparse investments can translate into enormous profits. 
  • The performance fee range of 5% to 50% enables traders from different backgrounds to invest in forex trading as it stands at 0.38% of the standard profits and losses that the trader earns. The losses are backed up by the reserve funds to ensure traders don’t have to suffer from the loss. 

Wrapping Up!

The perfect combination of the Forex trading robot and the loss-coverage guarantee offered by RoFX is revolutionizing the forex trading. Experts, as well as amateurs, can also reap the benefits of trading. Who doesn’t want to have a stable income to live a hassle-free life in this competitive era? RoFX has come up with the ultimate solution to let you earn massive profits from forex trading. You can actively take part in the bidding process with expert advice from AI-driven robots.

Andrew is a writer that does most of his work on cryptocurrency-related topics. While he’s primarily interested in Bitcoin, he also follows major altcoins and the innovative ideas that new cryptocurrency and blockchain projects are bringing to the table.

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