It’s a generic title about breaking and potentially really bad Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news but the good.. or bad news.. is this is not click bait, let’s check out the latest crypto news condensed!
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Is Bitcoin going to 100,000 per BTC or is crypto going to come crumbling down as the US govt and democratic senators try to chomp down on our Bitcoins?? Binance is reducing their daily withdrawal amount A LOT this is very bad for the Binance Smart Chain and speaking of DeFi Sushiswap wants to be number one and Uniswap continues to help that by banning forks of their UNI code under a closed source business license as well as censoring token lists.. Let’s check out the latest bitcoin news and crypto news along with market FUD and.. facts!

Binance reducing daily withdrawals A LOT –
Sushiswap innovating more tha Uniswap –
Uniswap censoring token lists and banning forks?
Elizabeth Warren hates cryptocurrency clearly –

⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Will cryptocurrency be regulated soon?
01:35 Calls for crypto regulation from US government
03:20 Binance updates their withdrawal limits
04:55 Buy NFT’s with Shopify stores
05:58 Uniswap censorship & banned tokens
07:38 Nimbus is a DAO-governed dApp ecosystem
08:24 decentralized gaming launchpad
09:47 Sushiswap’s new AMM Trident
11:17 Gitcoin Round 11 is coming soon
12:03 VoskCoin Crypto news July 2021

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