Safex: Blockchain Engine for eCommerce Stores

Safex is an open-source, privacy-based decentralized market, which uses contemporary crypto and blockchain innovation to improve the eCommerce marketplace for both sellers and buyers.
Through time, we have seen the marketplace go from basic bartering to a currency economy, from basic markets to physical shops and then on to a digitized marketplace through the eCommerce revolution.
By supplying everyone in the eCommerce ecosystem with privacy that can not be found on central online shopping platforms where “big data” is the main focus– Safex has taken a niche for its services.

Blockchain Engine for eCommerceSafex Was Founded With the Future in Mind

Established in 2016 prior to Bitcoin hit the mainstream, Safex was a positive collective that understood the potential of ecommerce, crypto, and blockchain.
After 4 years of advancement, the Safex Blockchain was developed alongside with its proof-of-work currency Safex Cash (SFX). By July of 2020, its first Stagenet went all set and live for public screening of its decentralized market.
The crypto commerce market creates brand-new options to the centralized digital market that has actually been dominated by big corporations such as Amazon, Alibaba, and other significant entities.
In addition to having doubtful information gathering practices, some of these significant eCommerce websites develop greater prices for sellers and customers.
Safex provides a low barrier to entry marketplace that permits even small stores to enter the digital age. Allowing consumers to independently go shopping at a less expensive price while sellers reach their maximum revenue margin through low fees and reasonable practices.
The Staff at Safex is Dedicated to Creating Opportunity
Established by Daniel Dabek, similar to other tech pioneers such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or Mark Zuckerberg, Dabek left of college and headed straight to Wall Street.
During his time in the US monetary capital, he had actually familiarized himself with the intricacies of peer-to-peer networking, scientific computing, distributed price analysis modeling, and prediction algorithm optimization.
These skills were the cornerstone of the trading execution algorithms and cost following system that is still in use today on Safex.
Following an interest in cryptography, he had joined MaidenSafe and its SAFE Network which later motivated Dabek to create Safex out of the need for personal privacy and security in the worldwide market.
Safex Has an Innovative Platform
Safex currency, Safex Cash (SFX), and Safex Token (SFT) can be purchased on the Xcalibra crypto exchange. As a stakeholder in the development of Xcalibra, Dabek makes sure the smooth onboarding of both SFX and SFT.
Xcalibra is a relied on exchange which got a built up quantity of $5 million in financing. Within its very first 18 months, it rounded up to $2 million and a more $3 million was later gotten to assist the platform grow.
In 2019, Xcalibra went live including SFT and SFX alongside other significant tokens like ETH and BTC, and even more down the line in 2020, a combination between Xcalibra and Simplex enabled Xcalibra users to acquire ETH and BTC via a credit or debit card.
Xcalibra is one of the go-to places to obtain SFX and SFT– and it might grow to serve other markets.
A Competitive Marketplace
As mentioned above, the present eCommerce marketplace is dominated by big sites that frequently charge a 15% to 20% fee per item for sellers, and these costs are passed onto the customers.
Payouts could cover from days to weeks, hindering operations, and opening up sellers to the credit threat of the platform.
Safexs organization design produces a user-oriented experience, optimizing a sellers revenues by taking just an extremely competitive 5% fee and charging just $0.01 for a product listing.

Build a webstoreon a personal privacy blockchain.Imagine, rather of making $80 on a $100 purchase, sellers will earn up to $95 when they utilize Safex. As a small company, an additional $15 on every item could mean whatever.
As a seller, you will take pleasure in a boost in efficiency.
There is definitely no wait time nor downtime in between the moment clients press purchase and cash flowing into your account. Enabling sellers to quickly obtain earnings to refill their inventory and stay up to date with needs indicates operating at maximum capacity.
It is infuriating to see customers being retreated from your product to something else that is similar– however maybe a bit more affordable.
Sellers on Amazon are experiencing and these type of losses– and as a service model, it is not sustainable. Small to medium services cant handle these kinds of barriers, as they hamper competitors and gradually turn the marketplace into an oligopoly-esque platform.
Sellers and purchasers on Safex will retain autonomy on what they sell and purchase, creating a reasonable platform for all to use!
Personal Privacy deserves Thinking About
In todays world, the concept that anyone has any rights online is unreasonable. Corporations collect your information in a highly invasive manner that most likely values the information more than the clients.
Safex makes sure none of your individual information will be collected or recorded– so that you know that your rights are being appreciated.
The business model focuses on the inter-trade amongst deals being made in the marketplace. Safex mining and Xcalibra trading costs make the system successful, NOT customers information.
Consumers will just have to show their shipping addresses to the seller after purchasing, offering control back to the users. Personal privacy on Safex is essential, enabling customers to choose whether or not they want their name to be revealed to other people on the platform.
As the market is decentralized, once again, privacy is the utmost issue of Safex
Info is unattainable to any celebration, even the development group cant access personal information!
By eliminating all the chances of an information breach, Safex is measuring up to its reputation of being safe and dependable– and ensuring that eCommerce grows into a better method for people to use the internet.

Safex has an active marketplace, but it also has a big neighborhood that actively goes over important topics on the Safex online forum. The forum helps beginners on all the “how-to” concepts concerning Safex and is also a way for updates and patches to be distributed.
In addition, the group communicates with the public through Safexs and Dabeks twitter accounts, keeping everyone approximately date on the most recent development from the company. The public can also call Safex through a range of channels, in case direct connections are needed.
Think about The Advantages of Safex.
Safex is the bridge that connects people from around the world with complete privacy and– and permits eCommerce to grow in a method that puts people.
Here are a few of the excellent parts of the platform:

, if you want to discover more about what Safex and Xcalibra are doing to make next-generation crypto eCommerce a reality– just click right here.
For more information about what sets Xcalibra apart from other exchanges– please click on this link to visit its website!

Offers overall privacy-based eCommerce for both buyers and sellers
Native token allows both crypto and fiat currencies to be used
Devoted group that puts personal privacy
Well funded and all set to take eCommerce to the next level
Low charges that allow smaller shops and sellers to be competitive

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