GREATMOON, a Secure Decentralized Multi-Chain Launch Pad for Everyone

GREATMOON is a community oriented Launchpad and audit platform created on the Binance Smart Chain that provides developers with a simple, safe, and effective platform for creating new projects. Filter through the messy landscape in the binance smart chain funds generation system where rugs overshadow a potentially great ecosystem for development and growth.

Contract address:  0x89e4ac2aceed8ecbffd58b690a4b4b6ddb482f4


Initial Decentralized Offerings, or IDOs, come with a myriad of unnecessary risks for both developers and investors. With new tokens popping up constantly, it can be nearly impossible for investors to sort out the gems from the scams and for legitimate developers to stand out from the pack.

Developers looking to launch a new project face the daunting tasks of constructing a fair presale offering, attracting investors that will support their vision, and then providing liquidity for their token. Investors acting alone must sort through a crowded landscape of projects and create their own metrics for evaluating presales.

Projects that is launched on Binance Smart Chain are currently no different from those on other popular blockchains like Ethereum. On both blockchains, inequity and decentralization are present when it comes to fundraising for projects. And an important thing is that a lot of IDO scam projects are the results when IDO platforms do not have a process of checking and validating IDOs before putting it on its launch pad, causing a lot of investors to lose money.


In the spirit of decentralization, GREATMOON provides an ecosystem that empowers the community of GMN token holders to ensure the fair launch of new projects for developers.  Through a simple form, developers may submit their IDOs to the GREATMOON community for them to review the project and terms of the presale.  The GMN token rewards holders who Stake their tokens on GREATMOON by allowing them to Vote on which projects are launched on the platform and participate in the approved presale Pools, while also earning BNB the whole time.

We provide an alternative route for projects that may want to raise funds to fix the issues facing previous platforms: –

 FAIRNESS: As a project with 100% purpose for the community, we offer appropriate levels of decentralization so that users with very small capital can also join IDO on our platform. This creates a fair fundraising system for all members who own GMN.

 SAFETY: We are also an Auditing platform combined with IDO launcher, we guarantee the quality as well as the safety of all projects through GREATMOON strict audit process. Which includes doxxing of the required projects and KYC by our partners to ensure that they are very free from rug,ensuring that investors funds are adequately protected.

Unlike traditional launchpads based on who clicks a button first. GREATMOON, we are building a platform which is equitable and fair for everyone while still rewarding token holders. No more whitelist spots based on who fills a form out first and no more high financial barriers to entry. GREATMOON creates fair, decentralized liquidity raised through a quad-round system that makes a tier based guarantee to interested participants based on the quantity of GREATMOON tokens they own.


For Projects: After the IDO on GREATPAD, the project has earned its “stamp of approval” for its potential, making it easier to sell IDO and become widely recognized in the community. The community can also evaluate the project directly, this process is designed compatibly so that it will help the developers further improve the projects.

For Investors: Gone are the days that you have to worry about jumping into low-quality IDOs, since if a project has been approved by GREATPAD, it’s quality has been assured, and you will enjoy our cost-effective token sale and listing model. Investors can safely leverage the GREATPAD platform even without in-depth knowledge of this market and still be able to make a profit.


  1. GREATMOON has initiated a solution to incentivize and reward all token holders in a way that is inclusive and with a low barrier to entry. The fundamental flaws of existing launchpads is that acquiring enough tokens to participate in the ecosystem is prohibitive, and even if you do hold the tokens, you are not guaranteed an allocation spot. They are based on a first come first serve basis where automated bots can fill the whitelist spots in a matter of seconds. Greatmoon is aiming at creating fair decentralized launches.
  2. Proportionate levels of DAO Governance: Holding a specific amount of $GMN will allow you to vote for different decisions: the more you hold, the higher your impact will be on our development; the community will decide for fees, projects hosted on the platform, updates, and many others.
  3. Dynamic Tier System: Hold and Stake $GMN to join our Tier System: most of the actual launchers have static tiers which can become obsolete also in the middle of a sale, giving uncertainties that reflect on the token price; in order to prevent this annoying phenomenon, we are bringing a new dynamic system that adapts to every market situation and still guarantees a fair pool allocation for the $GMN holders.
  4. Automatic liquidity: Our smart contract ensures that the pre-set initial DEX liquidity of a project pool will be viewable from the pool itself by everyone before it opens. The smart contract also guarantees that the liquidity will be automatically added and locked.

    There is also going to be an auto liquidity generation system for holders of the tokens where they can earn by holding tokens. 10% of the tokens are automatically taxed for every transfer done, of which 5% is burnt and 2.5% is distributed within holders of the tokens too, the burner address is also classified as a holder and as-thus, also receives a part of the tokens too, this ultimately reduces supply of the tokens, thus driving the price favorably for the entire market.



EMERALD – emerald tier requires to HOLD 50000  GMN tokens during a minimum of 7 days to allow the staker to participate in a lottery and potentially be whitelisted for the IDO.

SILVER– At silver tier, users share a guaranteed allocation when staking a minimum of 200000 GMN tokens during a minimum of 7 days. The allocation is weighted based on the Amount of GMN tokens staked.

GOLD – At gold tier, users share a guaranteed allocation when staking a minimum of 400000 GMN tokens or stake during a period of a minimum of 10 days. The allocation is weighted based on the Amount of GMN tokens staked.

PLATINIUM – To reach platinium and be on the nicest moon, it will be required to stake a minimum of 800000 GMN tokens during a period of a minimum of 14 days. The allocation is weighted based on the Amount of GMN tokens staked.


Private sale 15%
Presale 45%
Pancake 20%
Partnership 6%
Marketing and airdrop 5%
Development 9%


STAGE 1–  INITIAL- complete whitepaper
Complete website
Begin team computation and visualization of ideas

STAGE 2–  development of smart contract
Auditing of smart contract to eliminate bugs
Launch and deployment of contract and website
Private sale
Public sale
Official launch on decentralized exchange- Pancakeswap
Listings on some centralized exchange Coinmarketcap/Coingecko
Launch of the Greatswap, staking pool

STAGE 3- Further developments
Launch of further dapp
Whitepaper review

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