XRP (Ripple) Polkadot & Ethereum HUGE MOVE! Latest Bullish News! Price analysis & More!

Newest news and rate analysis too! As this might lead to rates we dream of if all goes to plan! We look at the XRP, Eth & & DOT cost chart using analysis, latest BIG news.

0:00 – Intro|Market Recap Overview
3:47 – XRP Soars Over 30% to Highest Price Since Last July
5:13 – Ripples Brad Garlinghouse desires Bitcoin to succeed after all
7:09 – Polkadot As DeFi Grows, Investors Look to DOT
10:33 – Polkadot is the most popular network for staking
11:45 – Ethereum 2.0 rollout might take 2 years
14:29 – Eth 2.0 Supported By Dubai-based monetary huge & & Final ideas!

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Latest news and rate analysis too! As this could lead to costs we dream of if all goes to prepare! We look at the XRP, Eth & & DOT rate chart utilizing analysis, most current BIG news. I am a huge fan of Crypto and I will be ideally bringing you details you didnt know about! The details in this video should not be used to make any investment decisions.

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I am a huge fan of Crypto and I will be hopefully bringing you details you didnt learn about! I am very bullish on crypto and I wish to help as many individuals as I can! Stay Safe Stay Rich!


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The details in this video must not be utilized to make any financial investment choices. You ought to call a licensed monetary consultant prior to making any investment decisions.


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